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Dj / Events & Music Consultant for Corp & Special occasions 

5 Star Sophistication. Sexy music for the masses!

"Bruce Anthony Marshall aka The Music Sommelier specializes in genre based musical concept entertainment with the purpose of establishing the ultimate atmospheric experience. Part Dj part performance art, 100% style.


Originally from Washington DC, Marshall has worked and lived in Chicago, Orlando, Los Angeles,

London, Bangkok, Budapest and New York City. He now makes his home in Berlin, Germany.

In the world of Five Star & Boutique Hotel bars, posh night clubs and high end concept restaurants,

Marshall is lending his know how to making this organic form of entertainment stand out with his

unique signature giving patrons an unforgettable experience.

                        ...Style, music & culture


Available for events ranging from high end weddings to conceptual fashion / art productions and 

cooperate marketing events.

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