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DJ/ Event & Music Consultant for Corporate and Special Events 

5-Star Sophistication. Beautifully crafted musical journeys.

Bruce Anthony Marshall, aka The Music Sommelier, specializes in genre-based musical concept entertainment with the purpose of establishing the ultimate atmospheric experience. His style is part performance art and 100% style.

Originally from Washington DC, Marshall has worked and lived in Chicago where he studied

Fashion Design at the prestigious School of The Art Institute of Chicago, then moving on to Orlando, and Los Angeles where he worked as an Emmy nominated costume designer for television and film. In New York City he had his own boutique and fashion line before moving on to London, Bangkok, and Budapest where he started his DJ career and currently makes his home in Berlin, Germany, where he is a resident Dj at Bar Veronika's.

The Music Sommelier crafts an organic form of entertainment by interpreting the mood of the room to set the tone and the pace, creating soundtracks in his signature style. He does this by tapping into the zieitgeist of any era, giving patrons and clients an unforgettable, curated musical experience.

                                           ...Style, music & culture


Bruce travels globally for corporate and fashion events, as a resident at five-star luxury and boutique hotels, upscale night spots, and high-end concept restaurants, and often pairs his art with other artists to create inspired, conceptual productions and exhibits. His beautifully layered musical textures and tapestries capture place and time and emotion perfectly.

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